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Green Homes Challenge Receives Climate and Energy Leadership Award!  In 2015, the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (MWCOG) awarded Frederick County with a Climate and Energy Leadership Award for the Green Homes Challenge. This award recognizes outstanding efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase energy efficiency. 

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Congratulations to all of our Certified Households! Since Frederick County launched its Green Homes Challenge in January 2011, more than 950 households have met one or more of the three Green Homes Challenges: Be a Power Saver, Be a Green Leader, or Be a Renewable Star! Each year, certified households are recognized at our Green Homes Challenge Recognition Event!

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Action of the Week
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    Use efficient furnaces and stoves designed for biomass fuels.
    b. Purchase a new efficient biomass stove or furnace

    Residential biomass furnaces and stoves are an alternative to heating oil furnaces or electric systems; they burn renewable materials like wood, wood pellets, corn, or nutshells. Biomass is a renewable energy source because the carbon dioxide emitted when it is burned can be recaptured if the biological source used is replanted. Depending on home size and layout, free-standing biomass stoves can provide all of a home’s heating needs or supplement traditional heating systems. Biomass furnaces and boilers are designed to replace traditional furnaces.

    The Maryland Energy Administration’s (MEA) Clean Burning Wood Stove Grant Program offers $400 grants for approved wood-burning stoves and $600 for approved pellet-burning stoves. A wide variety of stove and furnace options are available; enter “biomass stove” or “biomass furnace” into your internet browser to review products on the market, or review the lists of stoves eligible for the grant program.

    Opinions differ on how “green” biomass stoves and furnaces are. See How Green are Biomass Stoves and Furnaces? for more information.

    Take Action:

    1. Review the List of Wood Burning  and Pellet Stoves Eligible for Maryland Grant.
    2. Purchase a stove or furnace and apply for the Maryland Clean Wood Stove Grant Program.

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