The Green Homes Challenge is an online tool that motivates households to take action at home to save energy, adopt environmentally-friendly practices, and use renewable energy.

To get started, sign up for a free account. Then find actions that are right for your household based on cost, potential savings, and ease of completion. Add actions you're interested in to your Actions To Do List, or mark complete actions you've already accomplished. For each action completed, you'll earn points toward your goal. And you’ll see your projected financial, carbon, energy, water, and gasoline savings rise.

You can work toward becoming a Power Saver, Green Leader, Renewable Star, or all three. Earn 50 points to certify as a Power Saver, 50 points to certify as a Green Leader, and 10 points to certify as a Renewable Star. Earn medals for completing actions along the way. Certified households get recognized and entered into annual prize drawings.

Stay motivated and become a part of the Green Homes Challenge community by posting to Green Stories, joining a Green Team, signing up for our quarterly e-newsletter, or inviting a friend to join.