Power Saver

Ready to Be a Power Saver?

Join over 900 households who have embarked on the Power Saver journey!

  1. Save Money
  2. Help the Planet
  3. Stay Comfy in Your Home

Check out the Power Saver actions and earn points as you complete them! Earn 50 points and become a Certified Power Saver Household!

Power Saver Households See Benefits Such as:

  1. Save Money
    Using less energy means lower bills, so you'll have more cash for fun stuff or saving up for things you want.
  2. Help the Planet
    Using less energy helps keep the air cleaner and stops global warming, which means we can protect our planet for animals and future generations.
  3. Stay Comfy
    Energy-saving stuff like good insulation and efficient heaters or air conditioners can keep your home cozy in summer and winter without costing a lot.
  4. Keep the Lights On
    When we use less energy, we're not as dependent on things like oil or coal, which means we're less likely to run out of energy or have problems with it.


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