What is a Green Team?

When you register for the Green Homes Challenge you are automatically assigned to a “Town Green Team” based on your zip code. 

Through your online Town Green Team, you can

  • See how Green Team members in your town compare to those other towns in Frederick County in reducing carbon emissions ;
  • Tally up how much money Green Team members in your town are collectively saving on utility bills and fuel;
  • Quantify how members are reducing energy, water and gasoline usage collectively; and
  • See a listing of all the actions Green Team members in your town have taken.

Green Teams can also be self-organized groups of people who collectively work to reduce their environmental impact.  Joining together with like minded colleagues or friends in your workplace or community organization can be motivating! We all have good intentions, but a social network can help turn intentions into action. Your Green Team can work together to set goals or engage in friendly competitions.  You can create a Green Team from:

  • Colleagues in your office or department
  • Social clubs or faith organizations
  • Your neighbors
  • Your network of friends or extended family

How to start your own Green Team:

Self-organized Green Teams can range from the informal to the formal. They can be virtual, or they can consist of groups who meet regularly to support each other in their efforts.

You can be a member of a total of two Green Teams -- your municipal Green Team and one other.  To create your own Green team, click on the My Green Team link on your Profile page and click on the link “Create My Own Green Team”. Once you have created your team, you are the leader and you can invite others to join your team.

Switching Green Teams:

If you are a member of a unique Green Team but want to join another Green Team instead, you will need to "Leave the Team" you no longer want to be part of before joining the new team. Open up the Green Team you want to leave and Just click on the "Leave the Team" button next to the Green Team name.