Green Teams


What is a Green Team?

Get ready for some exciting teamwork with the Green Homes Challenge! When you sign up, you'll join a special group called a "Town Green Team" based on where you live.

Here's what's cool about being on a Green Team:

  • Team Comparisons: See how your team stacks up against others in Frederick County in helping the environment. It's like a friendly competition with like-minded individuals!
  • Savings Celebration: Watch as your team saves money on bills and fuel. Every dollar saved is a win for your town and the planet!
  • Impact Check: Find out how much energy, water, and gas your team has saved altogether. You'll see the awesome difference you're making.
  • Action List: Check out all the cool things your teammates are doing to help the environment. It's like a list of ideas to inspire you!

And guess what? You can even start your own Green Team with your friends or family. Whether it's people from your school, your club, or even your neighbors, working together makes helping the planet even more fun!

As a Green Team, you can set goals, have friendly competitions, and make a big difference for Frederick County. With your friends by your side, there's no limit to what you can do to make the Earth a better place!

How to start your own Green Team:

You can be a member of a total of two Green Teams -- your municipal Green Team and one other. To create your own Green team, click on the My Green Team link on your Profile page and click on the link “Create My Own Green Team”. Once you have created your team, you are the leader and you can invite others to join your team


Switching Green Teams:

If you are a member of a unique Green Team but want to join another Green Team instead, you will need to "Leave the Team" you no longer want to be part of before joining the new team. Open up the Green Team you want to leave and Just click on the "Leave the Team" button next to the Green Team name.

Green Teams



6 Members
464 Actions
181.2 tons CO2 averted
$16176 savings

Sustainability Commission

6 Members
424 Actions
213.8 tons CO2 averted
$17499 savings

Medicine Makers Green Team

5 Members
195 Actions
107.9 tons CO2 averted
$9575 savings

Myersville Girl Scouts

4 Members
200 Actions
75.8 tons CO2 averted
$11019 savings

new team with rohit

2 Members
41 Actions
36.3 tons CO2 averted
$1503 savings

Green Ambassador Green Team

1 Members
99 Actions
47.8 tons CO2 averted
$3074 savings

Nature Council

1 Members
83 Actions
34.6 tons CO2 averted
$5343 savings

Neighborhood West

1 Members
17 Actions
13.3 tons CO2 averted
$1035 savings